Farm to School: a Story of Systems Thinking


“Groundwork is a non-profit that has used Systems Thinking to help partners solve these kinds of problems for decades. And frankly, sometimes that’s how long it takes.”

We know that the best way to simplify a complex concept is to tell a story. Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities and Rotary Charities asked Connect_CX to help illustrate the story of a 15-year journey of progress to move Farm to School initiatives forward in northern Michigan. We’ve created three fictional characters and tell their story using colorful graphics and a fun narrative.

Looking back across those 15 years, Groundwork and their multiple partners have built a system that’s become a model for other communities across the country: building healthier economies and healthier communities. If you’d like to learn more about Groundwork’s efforts in this area, check out an additional video that our friends at Storylicious created: Celebrating 15 years of Farm to School in Michigan