We are Connect_cx

system design thinkers | catalysts for meaningful change

We are a group of people who believe being more human is the way to positively impact businesses in the future.
And that starts with our relationship with you.

Awesome is not accidental

Everyone tells stories about their experiences. You've undoubtedly been in a situation where you felt ignored our out of
control — and what did you do? You told someone about it! Your customers, their families and friends do the same.

At CONNECT_CX, our goal is to help you carefully craft a positive customer experience. By ANTICIPATING customer expectations and limitations, we prepare your staff to CONNECT with them on a more human level as they interact with your organization in multiple ways. By doing this, your staff embody the experience that your culture aspires to DELIVER.

Our formula helps your team visualize the systems that support or detract from delivering that awesome experience.

Why “Connect_cx”?

Our practice is all about designing intentional connections between humans. We apply Systems Practice, a foundation of human-centered design: by visualizing every aspect of the system, you identify internal connections/opportunities to support the customer throughout their journey. Then, you can design the steps required to close the gaps.

As these connections knit together and strengthen, they improve the quality, frequency and impact of communications within your organization. This helps everyone understand their role in the context of the overall experience, then prepares and empowers them to deliver it - the ultimate expression of your customer-focused culture.

Customer experience is not a project. It's a way of being.

Think about someone learning to play guitar for the first time. It takes practice to connect the neural wires that enable her to remember the finger placements for chords, strumming and picking, let alone the combinations that lead to playing songs. Muscle memory takes time. Experience design is much the same.

Experiences are delivered by human beings, and human beings make mistakes.

But the great thing about a CX initiative is that it's fluid - as conditions change, you learn from each other. Each interaction, thoughtfully delivered, helps improve the overall health of the system. And as you learn, your culture is transformed from within.

An empowered customer is confident, stress-free and ready to work with you. And isn't that the kind of person you want showing up to see you? Just as important, isn't that the kind of person you want telling stories about their experiences?

We believe it is. That's why we build "Better Stories by Design™."

So tell us your story. What's on your mind?