Empowering individuals to take control of their health 

"It usually takes us at least 20 minutes to describe our concept to potential partners and patients ... and even then, we're not sure we're getting our message across."

Initial brainstorming around Table Health concept and services

Initial brainstorming around Table Health concept and services

To build their startup business, the founders of Table Health experienced firsthand how difficult it was to get their message across. As healthcare practitioners with years of experience, they know that the model they're proposing challenges pretty much everything about how healthcare is delivered in the United States, and how we as consumers view ourselves within that system.

“We want people to invest wisely in their health, not throw money at their illnesses. The current system is not designed with the individual's needs as the primary driver.”

— Christa Kiessel, Table Health Founder

In a series of focused workshops, Connect_CX was asked to bring clarity to the concept of the practice, as well as detailing the many services that they will offer. We listened to their logic, talked at length about their business model and the overall concept and had opportunities to inquire about the specific value – and values – of this practice over those of more traditional health practices.

Words and concepts that describe the business model and underlying intent of the practice

Words and concepts that describe the business model and underlying intent of the practice

Foundational to this is that the consumer is at the center, and that the practice exists to add their specific strengths to those of the individual. In addition, Table Health asserts that personal health is part of a larger system that can empower individuals to make wise choices about their physical, financial, spiritual and mental health.


You want to be a respected member of your healthcare team.You are ready to discover the root cause of health challenges to achieve optimal well-being.You are looking for a whole body approach to medicine and health.You want to own, view, and control access to your personal health records.



We built a single infographic that in one glance speaks to the individual at the center of the healthcare experience, asserting their own personal accountability and ownership of their health choices. The three "realms" of human experience (physical, emotional and relational) speak to the importance of community and the interconnectedness of all aspects of personal health.

Finally, to organize the service lines that Table Health offers, the inner ring summarizes broader categories within which individual services reside. This graphic will be used to speak to the concept of person-centered, interconnected health, and then to describe the specific ways which Table Health caregivers will support the individual in making informed choices as part of a team.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 3.53.53 PM.png

“This graphic has helped us see our business in holistic terms, and holds us accountable to develop the services and products that we’ve committed to provide our customers”

— Dr. Jill Butryn, Table Health Founder