Story is the currency of a connected economy

Customer Experience isn't a project — it's a way of being. It’s about preparing everyone in your organization to deliver positive experiences consistently. Doing this ensures your customers and their families are supported throughout their experience — improving their perceptions and, ultimately, giving them better stories to share.

In their 2017 State of Patient Experience (PX) study, the Beryl Institute has found that the healthcare industry is embracing PX initiatives as the way to enhance caregiving culture: 56% of US hospital systems have some established PX efforts underway; PX is the top focus for survey respondents (82%), and the fastest growing category is employee engagement and satisfaction (46%).

We believe

You cannot positively impact customer experiences until you prepare and empower the people who deliver those experiences every day. Process change, education, accountability and communications are key to making your customer experience successful.


Customer and patient experience design

The heart of our practice. From the very first "hello" to the final "thank you," a customer's journey through your organization has many touch points. To ensure each one leaves a positive impression, the CONNECT_CX customer experience embraces the 4Ms of effective communication: 

MESSAGE: the information being delivered  |  MEMBER: the person responsible for delivering it
MEDIUM: the way it's delivered  | MOMENT: the point in the customer journey that they receive it

System visualization

We've found that you can’t effectively speak to the causes and effects of a system unless you visualize them first. By engaging in extensive workshop discussions, we pull together diverse stakeholders from across organizations and their customers to help describe the current and future states of complex systems. Once visualized, these always inspire detailed conversations that catalyze organizational change.

As a group, we identify possible leverage points (from inside as well as external forces) that can be applied to improve the health of a given system.

We design each system map within our cloud-based, secure online project environment. Team members are given access to these maps as the projects progress. Once the scope of the work is complete, these continue to serve as a resource as the system changes. 

Wayfinding and Signage

While human interactions are one of the most critical components of a positive customer experience, there will be many times your customers experience your organization without any contact with your staff.

That’s why careful attention to your built environment is also so important. It enables your customers to feel a human-level experience even when other humans are not involved.

Our partner firm, Forcade Associates specializes in making spaces approachable through purposeful wayfinding and signage. We create environments that don’t just identify and direct, but also embody the culture of your organization. After you’ve designed your customer experience with Connect_CX, consider taking it to another level by designing a customer-focused environmental experience with Forcade Associates.