Customer Experience isn't a project — it's a way of being. It’s about preparing everyone in your organization to deliver positive experiences consistently. Doing this ensures your customers and their families are supported throughout their experience — improving their perceptions and, ultimately, giving them better stories to share.

You cannot positively impact customer experiences until you prepare and empower the people who deliver those experiences every day. A focus on process, internal education, communications and accountability are key to making your customer experience successful. We're here to help.


Customer Experience + Systems Practice

The heart of our practice. From the very first "hello" to the final "thank you," a customer's journey through your organization has many touch points. To ensure each one leaves a positive impression, our process assures that experiences happen BY DESIGN, not by default. 

Systems practice details the experience from the perspective of customer, staff and leadership to visualize where gaps in process and communications exist. We use system maps to visualize patterns within our clients' cultures and unlock change from within rather than imposing it from the outside.


Storyframing + Brand

In order to build an experience that's true to the culture of the organization, you have to create opportunities for staff at all levels to understand and embrace their roles in memorable ways. Using design in the physical space, Connect_CX and Forcade Associates have created systems of physical and perceptual “culture landmarks” for complex, widespread organizations.

Proof that a single concept can transform a customer-centric culture.


Wayfinding + Signage

While human interactions are one of the most critical components of a positive customer experience, there will be many times your customers experience your organization without any contact with your staff. That’s why careful attention to your built environment is also important.

We also specialize in making spaces approachable through purposeful wayfinding and signage. We create environments that don’t just identify and direct, but also embody the culture of your organization. After you’ve designed your customer experience with Connect_CX, consider taking it to another level by designing a customer-focused environmental experience with Forcade Associates.