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Only You Can Prevent PX Wildfires

Systems Thinking and the Patient Experience

In 2017, the US Forest Service spent over $2.5 billion fighting fires. As a nation, we tend to focus on what the flames destroy: property, habitat and communities. But research suggests that proactive steps can mitigate the damage caused by naturally occurring wildfires: focusing on the fuel, rather than the fire, is key. The fires that PX professionals fight every day are the outcome of decades of cultural undergrowth, providing ample fuel: siloed organizations, disconnected communication systems, unclear lines of authority, disagreement on shared measurements. Cost constraints and compliance requirements only add to the tinder-dry conditions.

The victims? Staff, patients, families. The answer: systems thinking. Using examples from frontline experiences, this session will share stories of patient experience in flames, their underlying causes and the systems that have been designed to prevent them. Participants can submit their own stories in advance, then engage in panel discussion with the expert speakers.

Tiffany Fortin, Patient Experience Specialist, Munson Healthcare

Sheila Moroney, Patient Experience Officer, Hennepin Healthcare

Mark VanderKlipp, Founding Partner, Connect_CX