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Pit Crew: How Communication Fuels the Ambulatory Surgery Center Patient Experience

April 17, 2018

Join us at the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference in April where we will be presenting with the Copper Ridge Surgery Center (CRSC).

CRSC is the largest Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) in Michigan and one of the largest in the country. They serve between 85 and 115 patients a day with 11 different service lines: everything from cataracts to hand surgery to whole joint replacement.

We'll take you through the timeline and learning process that CRSC experienced: from a culture with a vague understanding of PX (how it works and what it means) to one that is patient-centered by design. 

Using the metaphor of a Formula One Pit Crew, we'll reveal the theories and stories that, working closely with "Champions" from across the organization, resulted in staff-inspired efforts to improve internal processes, communications and, by extension, staff morale and patient experience.