Human-centered communications change the way that experiences are perceived.

We design connected experiences in healthcare, corporate, educational and community settings.

Human-centered design in practice:

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Orlando Regional Medical Center

Like many healthcare clients, ORMC believed they had a wayfinding problem. And sure enough, they were right. We reframed the problem statement to actually SOLVE the underlying conditions that led to the symptoms their staff and guests experienced. See how asking better questions leads to better answers.


SEEDS Placemaking Strategy

For this design-centric nonprofit, we focused first on the experience we intend to inspire, then on the artifacts that support it. This is the truest form of “brand presence” that SEEDS can offer the public, in keeping with their incredible mission.

TreMonte Financial Consulting Website

To be honest, we didn’t really anticipate writing or designing this site. But when we we sat down with Derek, the founder, we started talking about his new business concept and how he’s determined to “change the experience of delivering financial services.” Sooo … that sounded like something we wanted to be a part of.

Patient Experience Blog

We believe that connections fuel healthcare experiences.

Caregivers often work in disconnected silos,
leaving guests to navigate their experience unaided.

We connect caregivers and guests by building communication models to
visualize the systems that support healthcare experiences. Then we work
alongside our clients to design, test and launch interconnected tools:


We envision a world where caregivers are equipped to consistently deliver –
and guests empowered to confidently navigate – every healthcare experience.

We design connected healthcare experiences.


LoAnn VandeLeest, CEO
Copper Ridge Surgery Center

“Connect_CX helped us understand that PX is an ongoing process that takes discipline and structure to implement. It's been critical for them to provide their insights and momentum to keep the project moving. They've helped us to position ourselves to do the work, keep the finish line in sight and engage everyone, at every level, to help build a new caregiving culture here at CRSC.

If you have any concerns about how your culture supports experiences, consider working with Connect_CX.”